Boating USA App Reviews

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Thanks for update. Works perfect now

Update to previous review. After update this app is once again outstanding. Great detail and easy to use.

Recent update

Recent update is causing many crashes. Great app otherwise.

App crashes constantly

Loved the app but the latest update crashes randomly and makes it impossible to use the app

Limited to only 200 Waypoints

I bought the this app for both my iPad and iPhone. Paid for all the advance options and use the IPad as my main source for boating navigation since it updates very easily when its connected to the Internet. I have saved all my fishing spots and potential spots when it hit 200 spots it stop allowing me to save anymore. You can not buy anymore waypoints so now I have to start deleting spots which I hate doing. "I am hoping they fix this as soon as possible". If they dont I will have no choice but to start using another navigation app which allows more waypoints. I have been told by Navionics that Andriod does not have such a small limit why cant they get this fixed on IOS10

Remove the adds

This is a paid for app. We should not need to have to see adds in the app. Also, make the app so you can use the location service be turned on only when the app is used. Other apps that have location can use this feature, this one should as well.

Hate the ads.

Not liking the ads for more garbage. Especially while navigating my boat. Isnt my subscription enough to remove them? I dont like how I have to force the GPS to shut off so it doesnt eat my battery.

cant update

Really great App when it works while boating I bought it a second time because it would not update stopped working suddenly I feel ripped off Now works but still will not update even though I have over 300 days left to my paid subscription

App no longer able to download

I can download the app anymore,its a Grey logo and always says installing.


The app worked okay until I went to renew my subscription. I was charged $4.99 for the renewal through iTunes, but never got the renewal. I played email/phone tag with the company, Navionics, but every time I called them it was at least a two hour wait time on hold ...TWO HOURS ON HOLD!!! Then, Navionics blamed iTunes and iTunes blamed Navionics for me not getting the renewal I paid $4.99 for. Neither Navionics nor iTunes will correct this problem because theyre both blaming the other for the problem. Meanwhile, I got burned out of $4.99 FOR NOTHING. To add insult to injury, Ive paid for other in app purchases through this same app, but if I cant renew the subscription theyre WORTHLESS. At least $30.00 wasted and Navionics nor iTunes cares one bit about it.

Removing features

What the heck happened to being able to select date range for wind predictions? Also, now Im constantly nagged about renewing a subscription from the weather info screen with no way to turn it off.

5 stars all the way

I have rated this app 5 stars in the past, and for coastal navigation I would still give it at least a 4 rating. The BIG failure now is the the app does not navigate offshore (no gps location) whereas other apps like Garmin Bluecharts do work. This is a big problem with Navionics.

Best thing since sliced bread !!

This app is amazing for any lake, bay, or ocean. I uploaded the local lake maps of the area and already have the fishing spots ready to go with lures to match the depth of the water. This app is revolutionary and for $9.99 this will be the best tool in your tackle box.


Best 10 bucks Ive ever spent on the boat. So helpful, cant describe. Replaced thousands of dollars in paper charts.

Its good

Guys, stop whining, its a $10 app that gives you everything about the body of water your on. Or use it for planning a trip, I use it on the couch all the time. Great app!

Arkansas lakes (blue mountain)

How do you get lakes added? I bought this to use at my local lake and its not on there. PLEASE ADD BLUE MOUNTAIN LAKE IN ARKANSAS!! I can see how it is very useful.

Worth the $$

Definitely worth the $10!! Just a heads up tho it drains your battery very fast, bring a charger. $5 renewal after a year, it will always be a part of my fishing arsenal! Jamie


I highly recommend finding another app. Navionics has the worst customer service. I purchased this app thinking like most apps you can also use the IPad version of it. NO! To use the iPad "HD" version you have to purchase it again. That is absurd, how many apps do we have on our iPhone that the "HD" iPad version is also free to use? These greedy people want to charge you twice. Did I mention customer service confirmed the "HD" version has the EXACT same features as the iPhone version that I already paid for? Stay away!

Great App

I have used the app locally (Chesapeake Bay) and along the east coast. It is very user friendly and the Auto feature between way points is the portion I use the most.

Never Again

Not worth the trouble. Save your money. Sad that they want to charge for this crap.

What happened???

Ive had this app for yrs now. Now u want me to pay for it again? Oh and for every year after that like a yearly subscription to keep using ur app. Sorry, Not anymore!

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