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Cape Coral

excellent standalone app. I tried memory map and gave up after 2hrs. Navionics was intuitive and well laid out. I had to navigate the Fort Myers Sanibel bays and despite it being my first time in those waters the program allowed me to easily locate and navigate right through the ICWS into the bay and back . Map quality was great, interface was good. Plotted a track well and the tide feature helpful when guessing the depth of shoals. Well worth the money. Memory map required me to download maps via PC, this program was truly stand alone.

Needs work

This app is seriously messed up. The map contours never fit the outline of the lake and it constantly moves all over the place. It shows Im going up to 2mph when Im laying in my bed looking at it. I have a paid subscription and expect a working app!! Please fix asap!!!

Best app ever

If you fish or do any boating this is an app you need!!!


Honestly if your a fisherman just spend the 10 dollars and you wont regret it one bit! Not kidding either. I love this app and use it all the time

Awesome app

I use this app all the time when I visit Charleston. Simple and easy for anyone to use. I highly recommend trying it

Most useful app EVER!

I love this app. I use it for ice fishing and camping a lot. I wish there was a better system for sorting and selecting which waypoints you want displayed on the map. Other than that this is a 10/5 star app!

Best APP ever made!

Cant say enough good things about this app. I boat a lot and always have this app running while I boat. Saved me from running into shallow water. I love looking at the saved tracks and reviewing my trips. Top speed, total distance traveled, ect. Works even where you dont have cell coverage. Just make sure you download the maps a head of time. I am part of an old boat club and recommend this app to everyone. I am amazed by this app every time I use it.

Magnificent app!!!

This gives me exactly what I need for fishing. Contours of lakes. And I couldnt believe how many tiny lakes on this app have contour data. Its extremely accurate. I ice fish and this saves me from having to drill tons of holes to find the depths And drop offs to fish. Also its great to be able to download areas so that I dont need cellular coverage to use the maps. Well worth the 10 bucks. Thanks!!!

Needs work

Cant continue on tracks anymore and data sync is a pain. Please fix!!!

Fishing Necessity

Literally the most beneficial fishing tool I have ever came across, specifically when targeting areas ice fishing, due to the fact that, unlike most chat plotters used on open water, most ice flashers do not have any means of navigation or topography. Simply pull out your phone and hop on the sled to quickly target designated contour areas and composition changes. An absolute game changer. Best part... ITS FREE. Why not spend the money on the rods we know your gonna buy anyways (because when do we ever stop buying new fishing gear). I will also have you know this is the only app review I have ever written, due mainly because Im pretty confident I use this app more then the text messaging and calling features on my phone.

Please add more waypoint icons

I like the app. Use it on iPad and iPhone for bass fishing while in the boat. But please, please, please add more icons for waypoints.

Great app!

This is a very useful app with no bugs (yet) extremely detailed!

Great app

Good app very accurate and is great for storing your favorite fishing holes.

Great app with a major flaw.

The app works great for its intended purpose but it has a flaw that ruins it. For some reason they placed a very light colored link that easily blends into the background to something called openstreet. It is placed right in the middle lower section so almost every time you try to scroll your map, the link will get activated and it takes you to this website and away from your map. It is very worrisome if you are tracking your way points through a tough channel and suddenly your map is gone. I have the paid version of navionics too. If they could get rid of that stupid link it could be a great app.

what happened

the new update is super dumb, why is it black and it just went down the toilet

Ok...I guess

Dont like how they eat up screen space advertising their other products.

Nice tool needs a little work.

Great to get a general layout of the lake. Depth contours can be a little off in their accuracy. If you can figure out which way its off youre golden. Wanted to fish near a sand bar and stopped short of it on the map but was nearly on top of it. Had to reverse twenty feet or so to find the drop off which then said it should have been shallow again. Good to know where the real shallows and rocks are though.

Great App

I can not say enough how valuable this app is. Its great for planning. Great as a backup electronic navigation device. I dont use it tied to electronics..only on its own. With this and a good case, on both my iPad and iPhone its a go-to thing!!

No import function

This is a great app for boating and fishing but it is missing one critical feature - the ability to import markers/waypoints. There are other GPS and marine apps that have this feature. I have many lists of GPS coordinates for fishing reefs and there is no way to import them into this app.

Great Ice Fishing Tool

I am this app all year! Great way to plot my ice fishing trips. Instead of plugging a bunch of holes and dropping my flasher I can pick out land marks and get close to where the fish should be. Saved me so much time and effort and got me fishing! Only dowłnfall is I have had to buy this twice I just switched to iPhone and had to purchase it again. There should be a way to port it over.

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